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The Video x Games is the premiere International Caribbean Electronic Sports and Entertainment event that covers the Latin America region of the world. As a major eSports organization in the Caribbean that brings together the best competitive gamers from around the world to St. Maarten, the Video X-Games has established its eSports brand throughout the local, regional and international gaming community as the most highly anticipated annual video gaming event in the Caribbean since its inception in 2002 in St. Maarten.

The last edition of Video X Games Regional events was held in 2006, which attracted a record 250 participants, with over 60 of those from abroad. Over $7,000 in prizes were given away at this 3 day event in July of 2006, and is still regarded in gaming arenas across the Caribbean as one of the most successful Video Game competitions the region has ever experienced in terms of intra-regional competition. Due to most of the organizers moving abroad to further their studies and professional aspirations in 2006, the Video X Games has not been held since.

In 2011, the original organizers have completed their college degrees and progressed into their professional careers in various fields such as economics, information technology, networking, aviation and tourism. With a renewed determination, understanding and professionalism towards organizing a world class gaming event and technological expo such as Video X Games, the organization has returned to organize the next Video X Games (VxG). With a booming international gaming industry that now surpasses Music and Movies, a trend that has trickled into our local waters, and new media to which Electronic Sports (eSports) can be broadcasted online, The team returned in full force to launch its 2012 “International” edition of VxG that was held from July 13 to 15, 2012. The organization doubled its prize payout at $14,000 making it the largest winnings in a video game competition throughout the Caribbean at the time.

With the demand for the competition so high and with each turnout for attendance exceeding its previous year, the plan was to make 2013 one of the biggest competitive gaming event ever organized throughout the Caribbean. Players were given the opportunity to test their skills at this year’s competition in various popular video games and over $85,000 in winnings on the line. A new bar was set for VxG and with 5 times the amount for the payout in 2013 some of the world’s finest competed against their peers for bragging rights, medals and of course, cash prizes!

St. Maarten was certainly the place to be for all-stars and underdogs alike. The Video X Games 2013 took place and with a lot of surprising and familiar talent. With this grand event sporting tournaments of all genres, players (casual and competitive alike) gathered from all over the world in order to test their mantle against each other in order to prove themselves (and to others) that they are the top player in their respective field. Halo, Call of Duty, NBA 2k, and of course our grand ol’ fighting games such as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

An International tournament is not one without the presence of Capcom and Mad Catz! Capcom provided their brand streaming which helped to triple our online viewers from 300k in 2012 to 900k in 2013. Mad Catz returned to support our event in Mad Catz fashion. The accessory organization for competitive games provided TE sticks, pro level headsets from Tritton, MLG pads for the Halo/COD players and among other tournament worthy items. Through Mad Catz’s support as one of VxG sponsors, it cemented the foundation of a very promising tournament series. With the help of Capcom and Mad Catz, the second International VxG event was even bigger and better than its previous event in 2012. By trippling its attendence and most importantly its viewers from 300,000 to 900,000 the Video x Games shows a promising future for the Caribbean region in competitive gaming.

All of this went down at the Maho Sonsesta Hotel Beach & Resort in St.Maarten, smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean. Streamed exclusively by Capcom, the live broadcast went off without a hitch, showcasing the plethora of fighting games and awesome talent, including the return of Empire Arcadia. The US Stationed team returned to do battle against a Caribbean rivalry that stemmed from 2012 with the DPGL (Dominican Professional Gaming League). Despite the United States winning Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, DPGL still won overall more championships than any other team and took home the VxG International Caribbean Cup. In 2013 the Empire would seek its revenge winning 7 championships and ultimately winning the VxG 2013 International Caribbean Championship. Although Empire Arcadia won more championships this year than any other team, they were not eligible for the International Caribbean Cup. The new champions for the International Caribbean Cup went to Puerto Rico.

7 Championships

Most Documented Tournament Winning eSport Team Empire Arcadia wins 7 Championshps at VxG 2013

The event made such an impact on the province that the Windward Island region largest newspaper The Herald covered the events post findings. The news paper services over half a million people throughout the Caribbean helping to inform its readers about this new and popular activity that people of all ages can participate in.

St. Maarten – Caribserve’s Video X games (VxG) event kicked off on Thursday with gamers hailing from all over the world. President of the Video X Games Foundation, Jeff Oliver expressed his appreciation to all the sponsors during this kick off.

“St. Maarten is the ideal place for an event like this as we have so much to offer. We are looking forward to many more years of this event,” he stated.

Prime Minister of St. Maarten Hon. Sarah Wescot – Williams held the opening speech for VxG 2013, welcoming all neighboring islands and the International community.

“I welcome you warmly on behalf of the tourism board of St. Maarten and it is with this in mind, knowing that we were able to attract this many people to our shores; that the government is also a proud sponsor of the Video x Games. We do it because we have confidence in our local people who are making it happen”

VxG best overall Team 2

Carl Riley and Ivy Lambert of CaribServe UTS congratulates VxG 2013 Champions.

Marketing and Communications Officer of CaribServe UTS Eastern Caribbean Division Ivy Lambert had this to say about the Video x Games.

“CaribServe is proud to have been the title sponsor of the CaribServe Video X Games once again this year. We have increased our support in the Foundation significantly in terms of technology and funds and gave them our commitment very early in the planning process because we wanted to see them succeed in their ambitions of making this year’s competition and parties even bigger than in 2012. We congratulate the winners on their achievements and are confident that they have enjoyed their stay on our beautiful island and all we have to offer.”

The most documented tournament winning gaming team in the world; (EMP) Empire Arcadia was only one of several major eSport teams to attend and compete at this year. Other American-made game organizations include the prestigious (E.G.) Evil Genius headed by the world’s most decorated Fighting Game Champion Justin Wong. (coL) Complexity’s represented with their very own 2012 Evo World Fighting Game Champion Ryan “FChamp” Ramirez. (AGE) After Glow Elite had on deck the most dominant Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 champion of 2013 Christopher “NYChirs G.” Gonzalez. Hailing all the way from the Eastern hemisphere and should not be forgotten is Taiwan’s (AvM) AveriMedia’s Gamerbee and the United Kingdom’s (WW/MCZ) Ryan Hart from team WesternWolves/MadCatz .

International Guest

The Champions from around the world that experienced VxG like no other.

The competition was fierce as the players knuckle down and played as hard as they could. When the competition was done, they partied harder which left a lasting impression for them to return next year for the Video x Games 2014. Already the plans are in motion to create an even better experience for next year’s event and we are confident that it will be yet another event to remember.

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