MK added to VxG Qualifiers

MK added to VxG Qualifiers

Nov 29, 2012

Justt recently Rolando Brison, VP of The Video x Games, just announced that Mortal Kombat is now part of the VxG Qualifiers! Here is the press release following the announcement:

Hello MK9 community! The Video X Games is pleased to give announce to you that VxG will be supporting your game for the 2013 Video X Games in St. Maarten to the fullest! We are proud to be able to continue to support this game who’s community are lively, diverse and extremely competitive. First of all, MK9 will be a lock for VxG, you can count on that. The game will have a top 16 payout for a prize pool to be announced soon, but i can tell you that we are aiming for over $5000 in pot bonusses. We think its important to offer a top 16 payout, because while we want winners to be rewarded great, we also want gamers to be encouraged to come to this event not just with the goal of winning, but enjoying themselves in our beautiful, amazing island. It is much more than just a tournament after all.

In addition to having the game, VxG will also have qualifiers in the US! At least three tournaments will have as a main prize for their MK9 tournaments will, in addition to the regular tournament prize, offer airfare, hotel and registration covered for the winners!

First Qualifier is right around the corner, so i hope you guys registered: NEC!
Second qualifier will be for WInter Brawl next year February
The third qualifier will be announce later.

VxG is YOUR tournament, vacation, and the experience of your lifetime next year. I encourage all of you to save for it, and consider it the most rewarding tournament experience you could possibly ask for your great game.

I will be at NEC this weekend, so if you see a brown dude walking around with a VxG shirt, holla at him cause thats me! I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you there.
Good luck this weekend at this wonderful tournament guys. And keep playing your game, i am sure there is more great things to come!

So stay tuned for info and results as the weeks follow!

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